Elective fulfillment options

Students who complete the co-curricular requirements will be given two options toward the elective requirements in fourth year. These options are:

Option 1: Use Co-Curricular Course Credit as One of the Required Electives

  • Pay for six credit hours of co-curricular credit.
  • Only be required to take an additional four electives in the fourth year.
  • The course will show up as an elective on the transcript for 6 credit hours.

Option 2: Register for the Normal Amount of Electives

  • A student does not want to use their co-curricular course as one of their required electives.
  • Not required to pay for the six co-curricular credit hours, but required to take and pay for the normal number of electives.
  • The co-curricular course would still show up on the transcript as an additional fourth year elective, but for zero credits and no assessment.