Service learning policies


  • Service learning is a requirement for all YR 1 students to complete.
  • After completing the service learning requirements, students can then choose to enroll in the YR 1 Community Engagement elective.


  • 35 Required Hours (10 clinical hours, 10 mentoring/outreach hours, 10 project hours, and 5 seminar/reflection/journal club hours).
  • Students are assigned to a clinic to complete clinical hours.
  • Mentoring/outreach hours are completed by self-selecting mentoring/outreach events.
  • One group project is completed based on experience at the assigned clinic on patient education or clinical experience. Examples of projects could include:
  • Case Report
  • Medical Education Posters
  • New Techniques
  • Patient Education Brochures
  • Assessment Tools

Commitment to volunteer assignments

  • If you miss a volunteer commitment you will need to complete an additional 5 hours per missed assignment.

Seminar Attendance

  • You will be able to switch seminars until a week prior to the date of the seminar.
  • If you miss a Saturday seminar you will be required to complete an additional five volunteer hours. These are not counted towards the requirements of the program.