Phillip Zivku, B.S.

Phillip Zivku, B.S.

P4 Assistant for Curriculum Development

Phillip Zivku, B.S.


Phillip Zivku is an alumnus of the Wayne State University School of a Liberal Arts and Sciences and post-degree program of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Mike Illich School of Business. He leverages his knowledge and experience gained while working with professionals and scholars of STEM, from the beginning of their education to the writing and final submittal of their dissertation, to bring a novel approach to the instruction and training of future medical professionals.

Professional Service

 One and a half years with the School of Medicine/13 years with WSU


Bachelor’s degree in Psychology
Certification in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
CITI certified


  • Aid in planning, researching and constructing first-and second-year curriculum
  • Curriculum analysis and quality improvement of learning materials
  • Conduct academic research
  • Analyze and disseminate data through statistics and reports
  • Handle student inquiries regarding course content
  • Grade and track student performance in P4 course

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