Service learning & community engagement

A culture of service and care that sets you apart

The Wayne State University School of Medicine's service to the people of Detroit is woven into every facet of the medical education curriculum. This award-winning community engagement and service learning-focused curriculum is unparalleled in the United States in size, opportunity and scope. Students serve at clinical sites and community-based mentoring and outreach locations while advocating for better health care for the underserved.

The service learning program is part of the Highways Curriculum in Segments 1 and 2. Students acquire a greater understanding of human needs, concerns, interests and values through of educational programs and interacting with residents by providing services in their communities.

Annually, Segment 1 and 2 medical students complete more than 24,000 hours of community service, underscoring WSU's commitment to those outside campus borders.



Service Learning

The service learning program complements our mission of providing local investment in the Detroit community while preparing future physicians to care for the medical and emotional needs of diverse patient populations.

All medical students entering the Wayne State University School of Medicine are required to complete 35 hours of service learning to acquire an understanding of, and collaborate with, Detroit's vulnerable population.

Community Engagement Clinical and Outreach Locations

Students in Segments 1 and 2 engage with community agencies on innovative projects that advance the mission of the agency and address the state of Michigan's plans for the underserved and vulnerable population. This 40-hour program provides opportunities to engage with medical residents, who share their experiences with the school's physicians-in-training.

Wayne State University's Community Homeless Interprofessional Program, or CHIP, is just one example of how Wayne State Warriors are making a difference in Detroit and beyond.