The Office of Academic and Student Programs is committed to supporting the Wayne State University School of Medicine's educational mission. The mission of office is to develop and graduate a diverse cadre of physician-leaders who are:

  • Comprehensively educated to provide high-quality 21st century health care
  • Uniquely trained to provide high-quality health care in a complex health system
  • High in acuity
  • Highly diverse
  • Working in clinical and community environments
  • In alignment with educational goals, understand and demonstrate social accountability in support of the priority health needs of the local, state and national communities they serve

The faculty utilize a combination of instructional strategies and methods grounded in the science of education to create a climate in which students are actively involved in the learning process.

Students exhibit concern and awareness for the biological/scientific, social/cultural and psychological/emotional aspects of health problems. Students appreciate the diverse cultures and the mixed threads that shape and influence their attitudes toward the people they treat. Through both curricular and non-curricular activities, students exhibit a readiness to assess, identify and implement the health care needs of their community and thus demonstrate their commitment to social accountability.

All aspects of the curriculum are reinforced by a student evaluation process consistent with the goals of the School of Medicine and the goals of the broader university community and its distinct urban mission.