Wayne State University School of Medicine will provide the best scientific research exposure and experiences in the basic and clinical sciences for producing competent and caring physicians.

The faculty — through a variety of instructional strategies and methods — will create a climate where learning can occur, and where inquiring minds can be actively involved in the learning process.

Students will exhibit concern and awareness for the biological/scientific, social/cultural, and psychological/emotional aspects of health problems. Students will appreciate the diverse cultures and the mixed threads that shape and influence their attitudes toward the people they treat. Through both curricular and non"curricular activities, students will exhibit a readiness to assess, identify, and implement the health care needs of their local community. Student representatives will make their needs and concerns known as they assume their role on the Curriculum Committee. Students will actively participate in their own learning assuming responsibility for their continued learning and professional renewal.

All aspects of the curriculum will be reinforced by a student evaluation process which is consistent with both the goals of the School of Medicine and the goals of the broader university community with its distinct urban mission.