Service learning policies


  • To enroll you will need to have a Wayne State University School of Medicine e-mail account.
  • Log on to the co-curricular website and sign on for the program you wish to participate in by September 15th annually.
  • Your may switch programs between YR 1 and 2. For example, if you were in Fabric in YR 1 you could enroll in HuMed in YR 2.


  • 150 Required Hours (75 each in YR 1 and YR 2)
  • Required hours are to be completed between August 1st and April 30th
  • Range of hours: 5 to 12 hours per month
  • A minimum of 10 hours at one clinical and one mentoring/outreach site from the approved programs.

Modified Students

  • A modified student has 3 years to complete co-curricular.
  • If a student completes all 75 required co-curricular hours in the first 2 years
    (while still a freshman) then the student does not need to enroll in the co-curricular
    program while a sophomores.

Seminar Attendance

  • Sign up by September 15th
  • You will be able to switch seminars until a week prior to seminar date.
  • If you miss a Saturday seminar you will be required to complete an additional five volunteer hours for each session that you signed up for.

Commitment to volunteer assignments

  • If you miss a volunteer commitment you will need to complete an additional 5 hours per missed assignment.

Fourth Year elective credit

Students who complete the co-curricular requirements will be given two options toward the elective requirements in fourth year. These options are:

  • Option 1 — Use Co-Curricular Course Credit as One of the Required Electives

    Under this current policy the student must pay for six credit hours of co-curricular credit, but would only be required to take an additional four electives in the fourth year. The course will show up as an elective on the transcript for 6 credit hours.

  • Option 2 — Register for the Normal Amount of Electives

    A student does not want to use their co-curricular course as one of their required electives. Under this additional option, a student would not be required to pay for the six co-curricular credit hours, but would be required to take and pay for the normal number of electives. The co-curricular course would still show up on the transcript as an additional fourth year elective, but for zero credits and no assessment.

Changes to the above requirements need written approval by the Director of Co-Curricular Program.


Co-Curricular Programs Policies


Fabric of Society

  • Seminars = 15 hours
  • Week days = 10 hrs. includes 2 Reflection sessions OR 2 Journal Club sessions
  • Saturday 1 = 3 hrs
  • Community Volunteer Services = 30 hours of clinical, and 30 mentoring/outreach.


  • Educational = 15 hours combination of:
  • Co-Curricular seminars, HuMed focused sessions.
  • Saturday seminar 1 = 3 hours
  • Documentary = 3 hours
  • HuMed Retreat = 2 hours or 2 Reflection sessions
  • Experiential = 60 hours
  • Shadowing and other clinical 30 hours maximum
  • HuMed mentoring, outreach 30 hours maximum


  • Seminars = 15 hours
  • Community Volunteer Service or Special Projects = 60 hours


  • Must conduct three course focus group sessions
  • Complete an approved educational research project
  • Attend a minimum of 4 Academic and Student Programs Journal Clubs
  • Duties as assigned by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education.